Saturday, December 6, 2008

In Memory of Ronald James Broach

Ron passed away peacefully last around 7:45pm. I had just gotten back from karate. I was sitting with him and "A Better Way" by downhere was playing in the background. I started telling him a story, and he took his last breath.

Ron and I were not perfect, but we were perfect for each other. He was very romantic. Stories of his proposal to me, of gifts he has bought me, and places he has taken me make woman sigh and men squirm. The man just knew how to make me feel special.

Ron and Ben were perfect for each other too. An uptight Ron would just melt after he spent just a few minutes with his boy. Ben has Ron's particular side, Ron's sense of humor, Ron's ability to have deep, complex, philosophical conversations. Unfortunately, Ben also has Ron's sense of rhythm. :-D

Ron's friends and family know him as an intelligent, caring, generous, dependable and incredibly witty man. Actually, witty doesn't cut it. Ron had a bizarre sense of humor, and this sense of humor helped us through the worst of times.

In Ron's own words, his legacy is his faith. He wanted to be known and remembered as a man of God. In this, I believe he has succeeded. I have no doubts that God greeted him with the words, "Well done, my good and faithful servant."

I will miss you sweetie. I'm not sure I know how to be me without you here, but I will keep you with me. I promise to be the mother to Ben and the woman of God that you would want me to be. I love you.


frequ3ntliblond3 said...

Awww! This brought tears to my eyes. It seems like God perfectly orchestrated your relationship with each other. I'm praying for you and Ben. Love you!

Gina said...

I cannot say what Kaitlyn said in any better way... God let you have a glimpse of true Love that millions of people never get to experience... though my heart aches for the pain you and Ben are dealing/will deal with, I am so thankful that Ron was a part of your lives... and a small part of the rest of our lives too.

Praying for you.

lydia said...

Lori, you and Ron were truly a testament of love hope and faith. Those probably were God's words to Ron and "now you are whole and perfect". My heart and prayers go out to you and Ben

JuliFox said...

What can I say that doesn't echo what's already been said? My heart goes out to you and Ben. We will continue to keep your family in our thoughts and prayers.

Sending hugs across the miles from Juliana, Elk & family.

Anonymous said...

I worked with Ron for a long time and found him to be of consistently good cheer and courage, relentlessly ethical, faithful to God and his family, and a damned hard worker. And that only begins to tell his story... Lori, Ben, you were blessed with a true "man of Numenor," one we will all miss.

deb said...

What a beautiful memorial, Lori. Your gift of the written word has created such a touching piece that I can't imagine anyone could finish with dry eyes.

Thanks for sharing your memories. We are so thankful to have considered such an amazing person as Ron as one of our friends. We know he's in a better place now, but will miss him.

God bless you and Ben. You know you're in our hearts and prayers.

Bob said...

We are so sorry to hear about your great loss. We can't really say that we understand, except that Kim and I have both lost our fathers, and experienced some of what you're enduring. But, to lose a mate is beyond what we can even imagine.

We're glad to know that Ron is in God's presence, waiting to see us again someday.

God bless,
Bob & Kim

kathryn said...

Lori, only now did i discover this blog. . but i'm so glad i did. What a beautiful tribute to your dear Ron. We (the downhomies) have all been so much in prayer for you, Ron and Ben. . I'm so sorry that you will be missing him and grieving. . but I am so happy for Ron because now he's perfect and joyful with God and with the countless others who have made that journey!! My heart is with you and I will continue in prayer for you and Ben and the rest of the family and friends there who are hurting.

Carla said...

He sounds like a wonderful man, and I'm glad that God put you two together. I know you will miss him, but perhaps when we all meet in heaven, he'll have a perfected rhythm. :) Your tribute to him made my tears spill over... and I never got to meet him. I want you to know that you and Ben will continue to be in my prayers, just as the previous downhomies have said. Love, Carla

Liz said...

Lori, you have indeed been blessed with a wonderful man. I consider it a great honor that I was able to meet him, even briefly. Know that I'm crying with you and praying for you.