Monday, January 26, 2009


I got angry at Ben for misplacing his hat and mittens. He never puts them away. I have no idea where my hat and mittens are.

I found it easier to not over eat during the mid morning and afternoon when I started eating eggs and bacon for breakfast a few times a week. Protein in the morning is great, but not on the mornings I run.

I like the Karate Kid movies. My favorite is the last one with Hillary Swank. It's not necessarily Oscar material, but there are many great moments. It says a lot about strengths and weaknesses, hopes and fears, and trust.

Mostly, I want to learn karate because of the strength it brings out in me. However, I really want to learn to spin and kick or spin and punch because it just looks really, really cool. Yeah, well, sue me because my motives aren't pure. I want to do something that looks cool.

"Never trust a spiritual leader who cannot dance." It's one of my favorite lines in The Next Karate Kid. People who think that God is all about anger and hatred have just got it all wrong. God is joy.

I like taking karate. It makes me feel strong and weak at the same time.

Almost anytime I do something completely stupid in karate, my sensei is looking right at me. He did miss me falling on my face when I was doing push-ups. He turned around right after though and asked what happened. I just laughed.

My sensei has pictures of himself with his dad in Peru. His dad taught him karate. What a legacy. I have nothing like that to give to Ben. It makes me wonder what legacy I will pass down to my son. I do have faith. That will be my legacy. It is Ron's too.

My other sensei is competing in a karate tournament. She is awesome! I am trying to work up the courage to volunteer for the tournament.

I get tired of hearing the same music on Christian radio, but I tend to listen to the same 5 or 6 CDs.

On Facebook, I signed up to be a fan of The White Chocolate Grill and Chipotle. The next day I became a fan of The Biggest Loser. Mmmmm. I love tacos with carnitas.

The more I cry, the stronger I feel. The more I trust the future will be OK, the less power the past has over me.

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