Monday, September 29, 2008

Monday Musings--More Than You Wanted to Know

Just some random thoughts... Some silly... Some serious... A few a bit personal...

I cannot watch The Biggest Loser without crying. I can so relate to their stories.

We went to the Jason Gray/Rush of Fools/Big Daddy Weave concert last Friday. Ben lost his tooth in the car on the way to the concert. In the middle of the concert, he started crying because he's afraid that Daddy is going to die. It was an emotional time for all of us. Still, it was great to go. The music was incredible and the message was very relevant.

We saw downhere last Wednesday. The band was awesome. The audience was awful. Most people were gracious, but a few were really, really rude.

I think downhere's "Hope is Rising" would make a great marching band song. There's lots going on in the song. Plus, I think right after Jeremy's drumroll is the place to have the band turn, face the audience, lift those horns and bring it home. Sigh.

I was arranging "Hope is Rising" as a marching band song while I was in the car. I missed my turn home. Hmmm. Maybe that's because I have no idea how to arrange music.

I like intertwining "Manic Monday" by the Bengals with downhere's "Bleed for This Love." It's a funky little duet I do with Marc.

Marc: Out of solid rock, I made a river.
Lori: Six o'clock already I was just in the middle of a dream.
Marc: To a desert drought, I brought the rain.
Lori: I was kissing Valentino by a crystal-blue Italian stream.

I think Marc would be a lot of fun to sing and dance with. I don't sing all that well, and I definitely don't dance, but if I had to pick someone to sing and dance with, it would be him. Well, except, you know, I'd be way to shy to actually ever sing or dance in front of Marc.

OK, actually, the person I most want to sing and dance with is Ben, but Marc comes in 2nd.

What about Ron? Well, Ron's not a singing and dancing kind of guy, but he'll slow dance with me on occasion.

I may end up dancing with Ron on Saturday. We're going to his 20-year high school reunion. Yes, I'm a cradle-robber. Actually, I'm only 4 years older than Ron. This is the year for my 20-year college reunion. We're not going to my reunion.

I bought a little black dress for the reunion. I have never owned a little black dress. Although I'm still pretty chunky, it's actually a flattering dress, despite being little. Let's hope I don't hyperventilate when I wear it in public.

I was at Target and found a cute pink polka-dot bra at a nice price. When I checked out, I purposely chose the 50-something female cashier. You know what happens next. The teenage guy opens the register next to me and waves me over. When he picked up the pink bra and stumbled for the tag, my face suddenly was the same color as the bra. There was no real reason for me to be embarrassed, but I was anyway.

That reminds me of an embarrassing check out from years ago. I bought an ovulation prediction device. It's basically a big box that screams I'm going to have sex with my husband and try to make a baby. The teenage boy ringing me up pointed out that it was $20 off with my frequent shopper card. I didn't have my card. He swiped his. The marketing people had to have been scratching their heads over a teenage boy buying something like that.

For the record, the embarrassment was worth it. The kit worked. Now we have Ben. :-)

I'm thinking that's more than anyone ever wanted to know about me, so I'll stop here.


frequ3ntliblond3 said...

I have a few things to say.

1. It's out solid rock, I made a river. To a desert drought a brought the rain.

2. Did you ever have anything to do marching band? Because it brightened my day that you were talking about it.

3. I forgot what three was. But what I do know is that you are absolutely hilarious. :-)

frequ3ntliblond3 said...

I left an 'of' out between 'out' and 'solid'.

Lori said...

1. I know the words, but obviously my fingers didn't. I have no idea what happened there, but I think I fixed it.

2. I marched in high school and college with a xylophone.

3. :-D

frequ3ntliblond3 said...

Woah! I was in colorguard and may be starting up with it again! That's so cool!

imagina said...

You CRACK me UP, lady!!

I could not stop laughing throughout your post. You should be a writer (seriously)

I love random trains of thought... I can usually cover about 8 of them in one stop. Or maybe it is one thought with 8 stops. It all depends on the day.

Hope you and Ron enjoy his reunion! You are beautiful friend! Twenty years can do a lot to a person... so I doubt anyone will look like they did in high school!!

You ARE a cradle robber, lol. Kidding! My mom was 6 years older than my dad... and he certainly wasn't ready to become a father. (I was an "oops")

Manic Monday is a song I quote at least ONCE every Monday. I almost forgot today was Monday! (I wish it were Sunday, cuz that's my funday!)

Glad to see you're musing :-)

Carla said...

I think Marc would love to sing and dance with you, Lori.